My name is Attila Schroeder and I am a physicist. Nobody studies physics because they have a specific job in mind, but out of passionate curiosity. The world of tomorrow has always fascinated me. Physics is the language of nature and it unconditionally imposes its laws on all of us. Nature does not negotiate, nature does not discuss. Their laws are uncompromising dictates to everyone and everything! The problems of our society are largely due to ignorance of the nature of things and hostility to progress. We are destined to move forward. For me, Elon Musk is a positive example of entrepreneurship. He does not strive for profit maximization, but for maximum progress at reasonable economic expense.

The Starship from SpaceX is the first spaceship that I am willing to name as such. It will be built in series and when the time comes, not just one will start, there will be entire squadrons. The Starship is a testament to what is possible if one really want it! And my goal is to accompany SpaceX digitally on the web on its way into our solar system and thereby inspire people about science, about the future, about progress.

If anyone would like to know more, please contact me. For more detailed discussions, I can be found in the three.js forum under my name Attila_Schroeder

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